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Richard Say's Goodbye, DAMNATION, Detour, Superdry Cleaners, Coca-Cola Commercial, McDonald's Commercial, Once Upon A Time, The Manor, Fargo, Travel Alberta, Tin Star, Wynonna Earp, Dead Again In Tombstone,  Global Meltdown, DisneyXD Mech-X4, Ford Commercial, Chokehold, Stillborn,YOUNG DRUNK PUNK, Brokeback Mountain, The Right Kind Of Wrong, The Reckoning, HEARTLAND, Klondike, Crash Pad,The Unauthorized Full House Story,  Diablo, NIGHT POND, Dark Hearts Haunting Melissa, Dashing Through The Snow, Who is Riley Oakes, SANTA BABY 2, The Hunt, Fear Itself, Snow 2, September Dawn, Meyerthorpe, Faultline, The Great Fear, Legend of Butch & Sundance, Ghosts Of Christmas Past, The Valley Below, Valley Of The Wild Roses, Christmas Carol, Hairspray, ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, Enmax, Claritin, Shaw Cable, Much Music, GMC, Banff National Park...

CIFF 2020

Casting Directors

Our team is ready to help you connect with the right talent!


While we are proud to have an excellent roster we are occasionally looking for new talent.

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We represent a wide range of highly talented individuals who are constantly striving to improve what they have to offer your project. From the screen to the stage we can help you find the right candidate.

Casting director? looking for Talent?

Our team can provide you with access to our complete and easy to review directory. Call us at 403.650.3462, click, or visit at Suite 1067, 240 - 70 Shawville Blvd SE Calgary, AB.

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